My Intermission Year – Why I’m Taking a Year Away from Work to Travel

Brooklyn Borwnstone
There’s a blue sky above with mottled clouds drifting overhead as I sit in the backyard of a Brooklyn brownstone. We’re here for a week before hopping on the QM2 to cross the Atlantic. It’s been a life dream that I have been actively working towards for about 7 to 8 years – to spend a year away from the noise of life to experience and explore other parts of the world. My partner in all this is my husband, professional sculptor Michael Binkley. Michael has been through a creative dip lately and his motivation for the intermission year is to get Back to Epiphany (more on his journey in another post).

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Camino Portuguese – Day 30, Pilgrims’ Mass in Santiago de Compostela

My Camino is over. After arriving yesterday, we had a walk about, a great dinner of canapes/tapas, then went to bed early. We were both quiet with less chatter between us, and it was a strange feeling to know that after walking for a month, my trek had come to an end. I felt a bit of sadness, but the biggest physical/mental feeling was a mind that was less full. I can’t really describe it – even after rereading this paragraph and trying to be more succinct, I can’t. Peaceful. Complete. I not only erased a chalkboard, but I wiped it down with a wet cloth too. Continue reading

Camino Portuguese – Day 29 – Arrival in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The last day of walking started early, and it was the coldest day in my 29 days with damp ground from a rain shower the night before, and a mist had settled in for most of the morning. It was a welcome temperature change, and oddly enough the dew/moisture was dripping intermittently from the trees which felt like a symbolic cleanse. Overall a different day – an extreme shift in weather combined with a shorter distance and limited eye candy in the scenery made for anticlimactic last steps of a grand journey. Continue reading

Camino Portuguese, Days 26 to 28, Pontevedra to Teo

This morning was a bummer. I’ve been chatting with Michael daily, and it turns out that a few days before he was due to fly over and meet me in Santiago (at the end of my Camino), one of our beloved dogs has become very ill. The vet has escalated the situation to a specialist, and Michael and I made the tough decision for him to cancel his vacation and for me to fly home earlier than anticipated. Our two weeks on a beach in Portugal is not meant to be. Continue reading