The last day of walking started early, and it was the coldest day in my 29 days with damp ground from a rain shower the night before, and a mist had settled in for most of the morning. It was a welcome temperature change, and oddly enough the dew/moisture was dripping intermittently from the trees which felt like a symbolic cleanse. Overall a different day – an extreme shift in weather combined with a shorter distance and limited eye candy in the scenery made for anticlimactic last steps of a grand journey.


There were misty fields, a makeshift cafe on a lonely stretch of road and some medieval sections of road, but as soon as we hit the last 3km mark, the path was wrought with busy roads, commercialism, condos and little room for the mind to carry out the final thoughts of a pilgrimage. It felt more like trying to find parking on a busy day at the mall, vs a peaceful arrival after a long journey.

Upon arrival at the Cathedral we each had a ‘moment’ to absorb it all, then a white train came scooting into the plaza (a tourist train on wheels), and there were buskers galore – kinda took away from it all. But we still managed to enjoy the last few steps, take some really bad selfies and lay down on the stone pavers with our heads on our packs for a few quiet moments.
After 550kms+ of walking, I am still taking it all in and plan to write again in a week?  a month? to try to put into words what parts of the Camino I have kept with me. They say the Camino you walk and the Camino you live are not always the same thing – I’m curious to see how mine connect.
Big thanks to the huge support from my friends and family prepping for the Camino and during the walk itself – no words can say thank you enough. From comments on posts and Facebook, to emails and texts, the love from my tribe pushed me forward to take every step. And gratitude to the Universe? to God? for keeping me safe and healthy.
Bom Caminho!